Expectations and Realities of Life on the Move

I’ve always had this romanticized idea about what life would be like if I quit my job and started roaming around the world. I think everyone daydreams about how a life full of travel without expiration would be. Now that that’s my life, I’m learning the reality of what it’s actually like.  Sometimes my life is beautiful and inspiring. Then there are times where it’s frustrating as hell. Sometimes it’s a little lonely. And many times it’s extremely normal (getting super wine drunk and screaming about who just died on Game of Thrones for example).

I’m an American (or a ‘Yankee chick’ as my boyfriend likes to say) currently making my way around the world. I’m in search of new experiences, wonderful people, and great stories.  My sister says that to be cultured is not just to travel but to experience culture in a deep and meaningful way.  I’ll write about my successes and failures at that here for all to see 🙂

This is a travel and lifestyle blog about my experiences with the good, bad, fun and sometimes quite normal realities of my life on the move. I’m excited to share all that it entails with you and look forward to getting a little bit lost with you and having a lot of fun doing it.

Travel and Lifestyle
I’m eating, drinking, dancing, laughing and living my way around the world. Come with me!