About Jax


Gozo Coastal Walk
Who I am and how I ended up here, there, and everywhere

My favorite flavor in the world is the taste of my own salty upper lip. Gross? Yeah, probably. But after completing some of my absolute favorite activities, I lick my lips and there it is. That saltiness. When I’m looking at an amazing viewpoint after a strenuous hike, I lick my lips (in between panting like a dog) and there’s the salty taste I crave. Or when I’m climbing out of the sea after a swim on the little private beach we drove around for hours to find, the best taste is that salty water running down my face and into my mouth. When I’ve spent the last two hours leaning over a hot stove cooking a meal for people I love, that salty, sweaty taste is the best appetizer. Laying in bed following a night of drinking wine and stumbling around under the moon in a strange new city with the man I love, I can lay on my back, close my eyes and taste the salty combination of my sweat and his on my face. And when I’m walking out of the bar with my friends after dancing for hours to music that makes me forget how out of shape I am, I can taste that saltiness while I’m waiting for a cab and dreaming of taking off those goddamn high heels. Those are just a few examples but I think you get the idea.

My name’s Jacquelyn, I introduce myself as Jackie, but over the years my friends and family have decided that Jax is a lot more fitting (or shorter and easier to say). And seeing as you’ll know most of the inner workings of my life, let’s skip all the formalities and just go straight to Jax. I love exploring nature, traveling, laughing (almost more of a cackle sometimes), spending time with good people, cooking, eating, drinking, dancing. But who doesn’t love all those things honestly? My days are chock full of all of that goodness right now though, I’m pretty lucky in that way. After a couple of years of taking trips together, my giant Dutch boyfriend and I decided last year that we were going to get rid of everything and make the move from Seattle to Spain. After some time in Spain we’ve decided to move on to another place for the next big adventure, the next road trip, the next hike, the next crazy night out in a strange city, the next foreign experience that gives us that salty upper lip.

That taste has become nostalgic to me and I’m in a near constant pursuit of it, which has lead my boyfriend and I to some interesting places. After a few years of living my life like this I decided it was high time I started keeping track of it and sharing it with others. So here I am, putting it all out there for you to enjoy along with me. I hope this blog entertains you and inspires you to go out and season your own upper lip in whatever way makes you feel the most fulfilled 🙂