Where The Hell Did I Go?! Greece. I’m In Greece Now.

Ok new approach guys!  I’m starting to understand that I’m not that great at posting when I’m traveling and moving around, and I think that’s because I’ve been trying to make every post this deep and meaningful essay about my entire experience in each country.

But that’s not what this blog is all about!  It’s about sharing stories and thoughts and reflections that I have and telling you all the crazy shit that happens to me while I’m on this wild journey!  Now I’m not going to get all shallow on you and start talking in that high-pitched baby voice that some girls use for reasons I’ll never understand.  But by putting pressure on myself to write something profound every single time I post on here I think I’m kind of failing at documenting a lot of my trip and sharing my day to day adventures and thoughts.

That ends today!

Ladies and gentlemen, I am in Greece 🙂

I got off the plane yesterday around 8:30, just in time to see the deepest red sunset I’ve ever seen (I would’ve snapped a picture but the tiny Greek lady behind me was stronger and pushier than she looked) and a blast of 80 degree weather right in the kisser.  It’s a weird feeling for this Seattle girl to be sweatin’ bullets that late at night, but I’ve got absolutely no complaints.  Give me all of the warm weather all of the time I love it!  Except for that one day when I wore pasties to work because I didn’t have any clean bras and Seattle was hit with a goddamn heat wave…that was a messy day.

So what did I learn today in Athens?  Grocery shopping when the letters aren’t the same is MUCH more difficult than when everything is just in another language.  In the Netherlands or Italy or wherever I can usually guess what I’m buying.  ‘Zwarte peper, ok, yeah that looks like pepper and the word is almost the same, it’s just missing a p!’  That totally works in the Netherlands, not the case in Greece!  Today was like a fun guessing-type game show where the prize was some strange booze that I’m now enjoying.  My bartender spidey senses are tingling and telling me it’s ouzo, which is what I was going for thankfully.  I also bought some other food type stuff that’s also tasting pretty good.  Gotta love the unexpected wins life gifts you from time to time!

If only all those frat boys knew that they were actually learning something useful while they chanted and memorized the Greek alphabet in between their rage black outs.  Never thought I’d be jealous of the knowledge a frat boy holds but here I am.

I did the right thing and learned some useful Greek phrases before I left today, which came in very handy.  I don’t think us Americans get as much exposure to the Greek language as we do to Spanish, or Italian or French, so I got off the plane yesterday not even knowing how to say hi.  But now, just a few phrases in Greek before I choke up and make it obvious that I know next to nothing about the language seems to be enough to ensure that people don’t hate me so much that they don’t want to help me 🙂

I’ll have some pictures for all of ya’s tomorrow, today was my adulting day and it was visually quite boring (no offense to the guys over at WIND mobile that sold me my Greek SIM card).  Tomorrow feels like a ‘wake up early and hike up to the Lycabettus look out’ kind of day so stay tuned!  Although maybe this bottle of mystery liquor that may or may not be ouzo has other plans…

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