Gozo Coastal Walk Day Three: My Inner Beast Mode

I’m a pretty stubborn sick person.  I am not the type to go to the doctor, or go get medicine for myself, or do anything but just go through my day as planned feeling terrible.  If someone gives me medicine (which the guy at my air bnb did, bless his heart) I’ll take it but it has to be real bad for me to go out of my way to get medicine for myself.  I always tell myself it’s just a cold and I need to and will eventually get over it, and for the most part I do.  I don’t call out sick, I don’t cancel plans, it’s just business as usual except I’m a snotty, raspy mess and most people I encounter wish I would’ve just stayed home.

So when I woke up on day three feeling like an absolute atrocity, there was no way I wasn’t going on that hike.  I could have woken up with the plague and I still would’ve dragged my highly contagious ass through that trail.

I talked to Rob that day before I left because I wanted to postpone going on the hike for as long as possible  because I love him and wanted to talk to him, and I told him that this time was going to be different, I was really going to stick to the path.  No bullshit, just get through it and go home and go to bed before the sun goes down.

Well that didn’t exactly happen, but it was because I actually ended up enjoying myself so much that I forgot what sick Jackie had promised herself and no longer cared.

I once got sick at the end of a long road trip that Rob and I did through the United States.  Our last stop was Montana, and I was so excited to go hiking there and see all the amazing mountains and lakes.  I was really sick by the end of our camping trip, but we both had decided that we really wanted to do this hike to Cracker lake (it was amazing and totally worth it, btw).

11 miles baby, and I blasted through it with an awful cold and running on almost no sleep.  It was like my brain just went into my own little personal beast mode.  I was Michael Jordan with the flu and that hike was the 1997 finals game.  Rob had to stop me at times to make me drink water and rest because I was just trying so hard to prove something to myself (what I still don’t know).  I don’t think I was even admiring the scenery as much as I should have, it was all about getting to the end.

And then by the end of the hike the adrenaline wore off and I was just a dead person with a pulse.  And fun fact, I got a tick on that hike so the life was literally being sucked out of me as well and I didn’t know it.

Similar situation on this hike (the energy crash not the tick thank God).  I started in San Lawrenz and was walking all the way to Marsalforn this time.  I’m not totally convinced that their numbers are accurate, but the map logs this journey at 12 km.  Once I started getting going I almost forgot completely that I was even sick.  I passed a French couple on the path and after that it was straight into beast mode.  For whatever reason I just had to get super far ahead of them, that way I could stop and take pictures and dick around on other random trails without worrying about them passing me.  Why can’t I just let them pass me?  Why in the hell would that worry me, you ask?  I honestly don’t know, probably because there’s something(s) wrong with me.

Then, as I started to get close to Marsalforn, I slowly started to crash.  Think like a battery powered talking toy that’s starting to run out batteries, and it starts to move all wonky and it’s speech is all warped and impaired.  That’s kind of where I was at by the time I got to Marsalforn.  Just a little battery powered hiking doll that was slowly running out of juice.

But I made it, 12 km later and I had kicked that trail’s ass.  And because of this weird competitive streak that still lingers inside of me from all those youth basketball tournaments or whatever it is, when my head hit the pillow that night I had such a goddamn satisfying feeling.  Suck it cold, nothing can stop my beast mode.  That feeling combined with my complete and utter exhaustion lead to a pretty epic night’s sleep.

So really at this point the question isn’t how many pictures of stunning cliff views I can take, because now we know that I have this inner trail-beast of a woman hidden behind this slightly out of shape exterior and I can do this shit all day everyday.  It’s really more about how many of those pictures you want to see.  But you’re here so I guess you aren’t sick of them just yet 🙂  Here are some of my photos from day three of my Gozo coastal walk:

Gozo Coastal Walk Day Three
This cave was particularly cool because when you walked over the top of it there was a split in the rock above it and you could see inside of it. (Gozo Island, Malta)
Gozo Coastal Walk Day Three
Here’s the little sneaky peek inside the cave from above. I honestly would’ve walked right past it if I hadn’t heard the awesome echoey wave sounds coming out of this hole in the rock! (Gozo Island, Malta)
Gozo Coastal Walk Day Three
Are you sick of meadows of wildflowers and seaside cliffs yet? Yeah me neither. (Gozo Island, Malta)
Gozo Coastal Walk Day Three
What a crazy rock formation! There’s the mouth to a really smooth cave on the left, and a big pillar shaped rock on the top. I have no idea what kind of long term weather conditions would produce such a thing but I’m into it. (Gozo Island, Malta)


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