The Peaceful Pirate Life in Dénia and Jávea, Our Day trip from Valencia

This is going to shock some of you, but eventually you actually do get sick of white sand beaches. Eventually you want a little more, some mountains in the background, some greenery, some cliffs, some islands, something besides an Agua de Valencia and the sea. Not that I’m ungrateful for those two things, nor do I plan on abandoning them completely. Rob and I just like to break up the times that we do enjoy them with a little something different. So we rented a car and went searching for a good day trip from Valencia.

Cue Dénia. Throughout our travels we’ve found that we really enjoy kayaking. Our first time kayaking together was in Slovenia on Soča river and we had a blast! Since then we’ve kayaked in the swamps down in Louisiana, in the sound up by Salt Spring Island in Canada (My sister even posted an article about that trip you can read here ) and now we’ve added sea kayaking in Spain to the list.

We searched online and found Aventura Pata Negra. Samuel is the owner and only tour guide of this company, and just an all around super nice guy. It’s very clear that he  loves kayaking and the area that he took us to so much.  A few times when I looked over while we were kayaking he was looking out at the scenery.  He seemed just as in awe of the beauty of the area as we were.  It was like he was seeing it for the first time along with us.  I love it when we end up with a guide who’s enjoying the tour just as much as we are.  He even put together a little video of our trip and put it online for us. You can watch it here 🙂

The cave, called Cova Tallada, was so fun to trek around in. You totally feel like a pirate when you paddle up, tie your kayak to the rocks and start roaming around on this new found land. I half expected to find Capt. Jack Sparrow’s wasted ass passed out in the caverns somewhere. ‘Jack, you need to get your life together man, how many goddamn times do I have to tell you that all the rum is gone because you drank it?‘ I didn’t run into him so I never got the chance but someone should try to get that through to him.

Added bonus: Rob actually fit in the kayak! (Cova Tallada sea kayak tour, Dénia, Spain)
View from inside the cave, a pirate’s life is definitely for me! (Cova Tallada, Dénia, Spain)
Our guide even had ideas for adorable photo ops! Samuel, your awesomeness knows no bounds. (Cova Tallada, Dénia, Spain)

We also got to see some unique wildlife. If you’re obsessed with Planet Earth like I am you probably remember the segment about the birds that dive 20 something feet into the water and catch fish (they’re called Cormorants)? We saw some on this tour! We even got to watch them dive down and disappear under the surface of the water JUST LIKE ON PLANET EARTH!  So cool 🙂

At the end of our tour we asked Samuel if he knew of any good beaches in the area. We had packed some food and of course some bubbly (the best beach drink in my opinion) and we wanted to picnic somewhere beautiful while we still had the freedom of a rental car. On top of being an awesome tour guide, Samuel sent us to the neighboring town of Jávea to a beautiful and scenic beach called Cala Portixol. So peaceful. So beautiful and scenic. Totally private. It was drenched in sun and at the same time not windy at all because it’s sandwiched by two capes. Really the perfect spot. There’s even a restaurant down there that’s only accessible by foot, the perfect place to surrender into the shade for a bit (or to refuel when all the cava has run out).

Custom built Cava chiller (Cala Portixol, Jávea, Spain)
Do not disturb…the waves hitting just my feet was so clutch btw! (Cala Portixol, Jávea, Spain)
Cheers to all of this! (Cala Portixol, Jávea, Spain)

So basically the take-away is that not all of the best beaches are sand, kayaking is super fun, caves aren’t just for creepy nocturnal animals (though you could sometimes confuse me for one), and I’ll just say once again that bubbly is NOT just for NYE and is totally appropriate for any old spectacular day worth celebrating.



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